Is religion the truth?

I have been wondering as of late whether or not religion is actually the truth. I live with a family that is very devoted to their faith in the catholic church and now I wonder if religion in general is the truth. I have the slightest idea that the United States is founded on a religious background but now I don’t believe that most religions are the truth. Are they good? I don’t know that either. Coming up as a very devoted catholic individual, I really had quite a lot of thoughts and ideas on the figure, Jesus. Now I often find that I disagree with the logic of the Christianity in that it portrays a messiah that died but didn’t really accomplish much. From the knowledge that I have on the new testament, I only find that Jesus accomplished very little in setting up or keeping a Jewish temple and liberating the Jewish people in Israel and around the earth. When I think of the messiah figure I think more that the messiah’s purpose as God’s anointed is or was to liberate the Jewish people and also maintain the Jewish temple. However, the only reason that Christianity is really strong is the idea that Jesus defeated a figure known as Satan whom in Christianity was the adversary of God.

There are a lot of different religions out there so how are any of them leading to any truth? Christianity maintains that the old testament is true but with the spin that everything in the old testament leads to the death of Jesus. I know right, you just don’t get it – Everything from OT leads to Jesus dying but also rising from the dead. Judaism believes in the Holy Scriptures – starting from Genesis all the way to Ezekiel and Isaiah and Jeremiah to more but does not maintain the new testament. And there are other religions out there too that have figures just like Jesus and even ancient alien shows that portray gods as aliens. Right…like aliens really built the pyramids and great temples – I just found out that the ancients built quarries and streams and carried the limestone pyramid blocks through canals. In any form, I have been learning that much of what I read of the Holy Jewish Scriptures take a historical approach to the LORD giving prophecy through someone to let everyone know things are getting tough because of the many nations. Judaism takes spirituality and sets it apart but with a realistic way of looking at turmoil in ancient times. And I don’t know if you know, but Judaism is also awaiting the messiah – but the messiah could come in 1000s of years.

And then, again, there are a bunch of other religions. So where is the truth? Most religions believe in a spiritual god and probably some new ones believe in something else. I just have to say that I don’t really want to take part in following Jesus if I only I am only told that I have to believe because of this or that. Jesus was alright with me or is alright with me – however you want to phrase it, but I don’t want to put a belief out there that might not be realistic.