Now my hobby has been to read the Bible and then write about the different chapters that I read. For example, I recently wrote two paragraphs on Ezekiel chapters 1-23 where I go into more depth on Ezekiel chapter 8 in which there is a description of the different things that were going on at God’s temple in Jerusalem in ancient days. Now when I read the Bible I really don’t find that there is anywhere pointing to Jesus and I don’t want to believe that either. When I see a crucifix with Jesus hanging dead on the cross, I have thought before saying, wow, how can one man be the savior of everyone in the world – it doesn’t seem logical and it doesn’t seem realistic. But maybe that is how God planned things. According to scripture, however, there is more of a mutual punishment in which sword, famine, or disease was the culprit that destroyed people. Sword being the lands like the Babylonians that overtook Jerusalem way back in days of old and famine and disease from around cities and deserts. Although mass might be full of devotion and rituals, I don’t go. It seems like the Jewish Bible is more of works that lead to the disruption of wickedness in ancient times. It seems more like there is God who often times disrupted the flow of pagan practices and also disrupted the flow of abominations throughout the land rather than there being any word on Jesus. However, there are certain passages in the scriptures that do detail the terrible outcome of certain characters such as the messiah, King Cyrus, where Cyrus is crushed and looked terrible for a moment. God can punish but God also did release the Israelites from bondage out of Egypt.

When I read the Bible, I get so interested in each separate chapter of each book that I read. I haven’t really read the entire Bible [still would like to read Samuel] but I read noteworthy books such as Isaiah and Jeremiah and I am still working on finishing the book of Ezekiel. I find in these books the history of the Jewish homeland [Israel] and the outcomes of the Mid Eastern lands from their ancient days. I find punishments for adultery and idolatry – I imagine that there were far more abominable things going on at the temple from the works in Ezekiel where Ezekiel sees that the elders are burning incense to beasts and creeping things among others. I find that the ancient world was filled with pagan practices like sun worship and even dreadful acts. I never knew that during those ancient times of days of old, people would eat one another because of famine.

But, hopefully I find hope.