The book of Ezekiel so far has been an outstanding read. Towards the beginning of Ezekiel there are a lot of figures that the prophet describes and also the description of fires and thunders and lightning etc. The juicy part comes from chapter 8 of the book of Ezekiel the chapters from 8 to 23.

In chapter 8, Ezekiel sees GOD and also has some visions and the sight of what was going on in those ancient days at God’s temple. First, Ezekiel is taken to the Penimith Gate and sees an image. Second, images of beasts and creeping things were around the court wall in addition to seventy elders that burned incense to the images. Third, women were bewailing another god. And finally, some were worshiping the sun and bowing to the east. It is in the next chapters that God describes the heartbreak, so to say, because of the abominations around the land in those ancient times of old.

The book of Ezekiel has been full of great imagery and it has been a really good read. I hope to finish the book in the coming week.