Isaiah 60:1-22

There is a lot of restoration in Isaiah chapter 60. Isaiah 60 has writings that deem Jerusalem as the center for restoration and a return to a kingdom where dromedaries will pass through and kings will serve the Jewish people. Wiki states that during the prophet Isaiah’s era, the book was most likely written during the Babylonian exile in which the mashiach, King Cyrus, was going to liberate the exiles, get them back to the land, and help rebuild the temple. In this chapter, it is stated that the presence of God will most likely always be with Zion and all of the Israelites. It is a chapter that states about the return of exiles most likely but moreover, the time forever where all nations shall walk by the light of Jerusalem and all people shall serve Zion. Ships and camels shall go there from afar and bring maneuvers of trade while the nations and peoples shall bow to Zion in order to follow and walk by the light of God where the presence of God is felt – Zion. It only seems logical then to want to serve the Jewish people and walk by the light of God.