Isaiah 51:12 – 52:12

Well, Isaiah 51 through chapter 52 is a great part of the Tenakh. It is a writing about the return of God to Zion and the hopeful redeeming of the unhappy one. There seems to be one mistreatment, however, in that the arm of the LORD might have been so beyond semblance from God’s wrath that it could be considered mistreatment. However, G-d makes the statement that while His people were in Egypt and taken freed from slavery, Assyria gave nothing in return and was an oppressor. God was quick to be at hand, however, in that the statements consist of God returning to Zion to free the unhappy one without money. The problem with that is the unhappy one was most likely Zion in those ages past, but let’s for our sake say the unhappy one is a person – maybe a lady or great woman – instead of a nation.

God states that “Herewith I take from your hand the cup of reeling, the bowl, the cup of my wrath; you shall never drink it again” [Isaiah 51:22]. This is comforting because in the work, the statements are made about the oppressors but that will never oppress again because God will return to Zion and not make the oppressed drink “the cup of wrath” or the oppression. Instead, God will make the oppressors become the oppressed and the tormentors to drink the wrath.

G-d makes the statement that even though His people went to Egypt to sojourn, Assyria was an oppressor and gave them nothing in return. It would be nice to have G-d be favorable upon Zion but also on the oppressed and to become an ally of G-d and help out the cause. So God makes some statements and it is best to learn the name of God and to proclaim that God is King! And finally the work has statements about the return of the LORD to Zion with eyes beholding their King.

The dislike of the work only comes in the part where it states about the nations. Like how significant is a person to the nations. Most of the work is about nation to nation and not people to people. However, the prophet states that everyone will see the victory of God through the arm of the LORD. Hopefully nowadays it will only be good things that happen and since the work states that the cup of wrath will never be given to you and hopefully me again, then I am hopeful that great things will happen and great things will work out – for you And for me. Finally, God leads the way in order for the people to return to Zion.

Another sad part of Isaiah 51 is verse 12. Verse 12 states “I, I am he who comforts you! What ails you that you fear Man who must die, Mortals that fare like grass?” This is a sad part of Isaiah 51 because it is probably alright to be friends with Man. The whole notion that the servant of God is made to be so mistreated only for the glory of God is somewhat alarming.

Now let us pray for the oppressed and hope that only great things will come for the oppressed and the Servant of G-d. Oh yes!