Religion is an interesting phenomenon. Two religions out of the Middle East have different ways of going about their business. These religions are Judaism and Islam. Judaism is founded on the Torah [the first five books of the Bible] and their entire work is called the Tenakh. Islam believes in a man named Muhammad who was a prophet and their book is called the Qur’an. The next main religion with over a billion people is Christianity and is based out of Rome but stems from Judaism. Christianity has the book called the New Testament. Finally, a branch of Judaism called messianic Judaism is basically a run off of Christianity but instead is mostly practiced by some Jewish people rather than non-Jew. All three religions believe that there will be a messiah that will be around one day.

The interesting thing about Christianity and Judaism is the unequal ideas about a messiah or anointed person. Christianity believes that Jesus was The messiah and will come to Israel again. Judaism believes in a messiah figure that, in my opinion, will usher in an age of peace and get all Jewish people back to the land of Israel. King Cyrus of ancient Babylon was considered God’s anointed and he brought Jewish people back to the land of Israel and also helped usher in the age of a temple kingdom in Jerusalem. So I have learned that a messiah is anyone anointed by an established group and who rules as a king or assists the Jewish people. King David was also anointed and was King of Judah in ancient times.

The word messiah means to pour and if you do a search on Google then you will find that messiah is the deliverer of the Jewish nation. If you search pour then the word pour can mean 1. To prepare and serve 2. Flow rapidly in a steady stream and 3. To flow from a vessel by holding the vessel at an angle. So in my opinion, the messiah will be there to prepare and serve the Jewish people even if the messiah is a non-Jew and to establish the Kingdom of God.