Isaiah 54:11 – 55:5

Isaiah 54:11 – 55:5 is a comfort for to the one that is loved. It entails the return to God and also the decking out with jewels of the barren one. If anything, this part of Isaiah has written about one that Isaiah talks about to return to him. Isaiah loved even the barren one and it was stated that even the barren one would have sons and daughters and that the barren one would be built up with all different sorts of jewels with a foundation of sapphires. This means that it is time to have a foundation with the people that are around you – to be a part of the community and have a foundation of sapphires and precious gems – and to establish what you do in righteousness. It means that the lady or woman spoken about will have some sort of dominion or will be established through righteousness. She has or will have people [sons and daughters] that will be like her children and her foundation and company will be like sapphires.

The good part of eating a nice meal is the satisfaction of people having conversation and of course the delicious meal. But why do people buy jewels and deck people out with all different arrays of trinkets and accessories? Why do we buy material items? The purpose of building someone up to be like a mother to myself is part of what this chapter of Isaiah is about. It is time to build the foundation for the woman or lady in Monterey and establish her through righteousness.

It is also time now in Monterey for the Concourse de’elegance – a car auction throughout Monterey County. So all different sorts of different cars that sometimes get auctioned for large amounts of money are displayed throughout the cities. There should food – but there is not. So why do we like expensive things – such as cars that are more for display rather than actually driving around? Maybe you will get some satisfaction with a million dollar car, but hopefully there is the satisfaction of building someone up and also enjoying the days of car week.

So it is the week of the car show and it is the time to get out there and enjoy interests and a festival of cars that will be displayed and some that will be auctioned. It is time for thos car enthusiasts to display expensive cars. It is also a time for satisfaction – to get a great meal in Monterey.

For me, hopefully it is the days where I build the foundation for the woman or lady and have everything established through righteousness.