The Unknown Force – Is G-d out there or far from there?

So I overheard a conversation the other day between some people. Well, it was as if it were right out of a science fiction or fantasy book or movie. The conversation had to do with “us” being vulnerable to an unknown force. My automatic process had me informed about an unknown force that was dominant and might be contrary to them. Really, it was like it was right out of a fantasy movie or book. Since I don’t remember the exact words that were spoken, it went something like, “We have to be aware of what is out there,” “I know, what do we do about the ‘unknown force,’” and “It is a risk.”

It was somewhat interesting that the conversation kept saying we have to or we need to. Although there was nothing spoken by me, it was interesting because you might say that G-d allowed a banding together of men and women to discuss something.

Now I once heard a Rabbi tell a story about a man who was taken to a garden. There was also a statue of a righteous man in the middle of the garden. As the man ventured away from the statue he was struck with fear and thought that he was being chased by demons. Every time that the man would come back and get closer to the statue, the Rabbi said, the man would become at ease again and not feel that he was being chased and not feel like there was an unknown presence that was near him.

I don’t know if that related to the conversation that I heard but it did make me think of that story that the Rabbi told. In real-time reality, now the United States is worrying about North Korea having and using nuclear weapons. If North Korean citizens had infiltrated the United States, what would the people do? The country makes their people go to prison labor camps, the people have starved before, and now there is the back and forth threats between President Trump and dictator Kim Jong Un about making fire and also the disarmament of nuclear weapons.

There has got to be one out there that really rules over the heavens and the earth. Based on the conversation that I heard while walking in Monterey, Ca, if there was a war between DPRK and the United States then hopefully it will turn out to be where DPRK citizens and United States citizens can assimilate and all conflicts be reasonably resolved along with the adaptation of peoples to places. Who knows? Maybe there is an unknown force that DPRK and the United States have to worry about instead of the back and forth rhetoric of disarmament and possible escalating controversies. Maybe G-d is out there.