Isaiah 49:14 – 51:3

In Isaiah chapters 49 through the beginning of chapter 51, the prophet makes statements in which it is stated that the prophet and God can triumph when GOD is his vindicator. The statement is made that when you seek the LORD and you have GOD with you to be there to help you with your issues, then there is comfort in all that you do. God comforts Zion, Zion that was rejected and was said to be forsaken. God also shows up in the land in order to rebuild. God remembered Zion and in that state, God comforted Zion.

It was stated that Zion was all forgotten and forsaken. Additionally, that Zion said God has forsaken Zion and the master has forgotten Zion. God even states some Torah in which all the people that are assembled come to you and also that you will deck yourself with those people like a bride and don them like jewels. It was stated that Isaiah was asking for G-d’s assistance and in that instance, GOD backed the prophet by saying that queens and kings would serve and also the people would be brought back to Zion. God also states the following which is a delicious part of the triumph of God. God stated, “I the LORD am your Savior, the Mighty One of Jacob, your Redeemer” (Isaiah 49:26).

In any case, it is stated in the chapters that you should look back to your roots and to the land that you were made from. It even stated to look back to the patriarch and matriarch Abraham and Sarah – the father and mother of many nations.

So it is the time to look to man and G-d in order to make some triumph and joy out of living. While people might have made spittle or tore out your actual hair, it is the time to make friends with the community and ask what G-d can do for you. It should be a time of music and joy and to think about the land you come from [where you live and also where people inhabited in ancient days]. Additionally, if you come from Abraham then remember Abraham, the patriarch of the many nations, and ponder about these ancient people and lands that you came from – in other words, “Look to the rock you were hewn from” (Isaiah 51:1).

Isaiah 51:3 states “Gladness and joy shall abide there, thanksgiving and the sound of music.” These days should be like days of the Garden of God. Hopefully you all can make it joyous and bring gladness.


Have a good one!