Jeremiah 8:13 – 9:23


Jeremiah 8:13 – 9:23 consists of anguish from the prophet Jeremiah and the people of the land. The anguish consists in a sense of a wailing about the destruction from the surroundings. G-d gives the reply in which the prophet Jeremiah conveys the message that the end of the inhabitants was at hand during that era and further that serpents were coming to destroy the land. Long ago, that time was a time of distress for the inhabitants because of the foreign Kings that were set on the destruction of that place and determined on conquering. The prophet explains that “The whole land quaked” from the chariots and peoples that went to destroy the land during that era (Jeremiah 8:16). A quote stated that the people were in anguish because of the idols that were around even amongst G-d, the King. Another quote stated that even among the people, G-d said that he would “smelt and assay them” because of the people (Jeremiah 9:6).  Part of the issue is that during that era, many idols were being made and there was no stopping with the making of idols. Instead of worshipping G-d, every man and his neighbor were bent on smelting and assaying tons of idols. So G-d questioned whether or not there should have been punishment – because of the deception and creation of many idols. If it goes that an array of idols are being created then it leaves no room for service to G-d. In addition, because of the unfaithfulness to G-d, the land was made desolate with barely anything living in it whilst some people were exiled and some stayed in a desolation of what I would call a zero zone – a zone for a brief time where people might pass but other creatures don’t go. G-d responded in all of that, that because of the baalim and attempts to create arrays of idols, the service to G-d was not all there, moreover, I say that since there was the creation of a slew of idols and everybody serving the slew of idols that everyone was making, the service to G-d was not there.