Jeremiah 2 – The inhabitants forsake the LORD


The LORD strikes at the inhabitants of the land with a sound of appall. In Jeremiah 2, the LORD vents that the inhabitants of the land are forsaking the LORD and abandoning the LORD. The LORD spoke that the inhabitants were deluded and went after delusion. It is always good to seek out the LORD while the LORD might be found. Instead of the inhabitants of the land seeking to enjoy the fruits that the LORD might provide, the LORD makes the claim that the land is full of loathing and is abhorrent. G-d states to the people of the land that they go after Baalim even whilst the LORD says that there is a wickedness and that they follow what can do no good. The LORD there spoke forth that the inhabitants turned away from the LORD and the LORD was probably appalled and possibly angered by that. In essence, they “followed what can do no good” [Jeremiah 2 verse 8]. The statements put forth are statements of upsetting conditions in which the LORD makes claim and in which the LORD also places a grasp on the inhabitants. Finally, G-d makes the claim that by forsaking the LORD, the inhabitants had to handle affliction.

The LORD in Jeremiah chapter 2 is letting the inhabitants know that they have abandoned the LORD and went after delusion. Additionally, the LORD makes the statement that nobody is asking about the LORD who brought the Israelites out of Egypt. The LORD also makes the claim that the inhabitants are making the LORD’s possession abhorrent or repugnant. Finally the people were prophecying by Baal and followed “what can do no good.” G-d finally makes the claim that misfortune and affliction is from forsaking the LORD and that since there is no awe of the G-d. G-d also makes the claim that the guilt of going after the baalim is ingrained in the inhabitants but G-d also makes the claim that “none grow weary who seek her out – in her season, they’ll find her.” Oh gosh, the inhabitants are going after the baalim and G-d says so. So where is G-d when any inhabitant needs saving. The LORD speaks that even whilst inhabitants go after the baalim, when things get hectic, the inhabitants cry save please and the LORD made claim.