The curses from the garden

As a part of the creation story in Genesis, the LORD God lets mankind know what the issues are that probably most of you go through. Each individual in Genesis chapter 3 is given a curse that each distinct individual has to handle throughout their lifetime. Three main characters are present in the garden story and then there is the LORD God who charges the individual mankind with separate criteria. It is important to note in Genesis 3 that one individual is the serpent – in other words the man that talks to the woman about the tree in the garden. The other two individuals are the woman, as noted above, and Adam.

In this part of the creation story [Genesis chapter 3], the serpent was considered a wild beast. In that part, the serpent asked the woman whether or not God really said not to eat from the tree in the middle of the garden. The woman’s reply is that she was told she would die if she ate from or even touched the tree in the middle of the garden. The woman partook in the fruit from the tree because of the wisdom that the tree provided. The woman also gave some of the fruit to her husband. Then the curses are set forth by the LORD God.

So in this part of Genesis, God had the idea that in no way was the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden forbidden to eat. It was through the LORD God that the curses are spoken forth for each individual in mankind. As the man and his wife knew they were naked in the garden, they hid from the sound of the LORD God who was moving about in the garden during the breezy time of day. And thus, as the LORD God called to the man and woman, they hid behind the trees in the garden. The man placed blame on the woman while the woman placed blame on the serpent.

The curses are as follows: The holy one [the man or as a wild beast, the serpent] is given the curse of having to handle the dirt of the other individuals. Accordingly in the view of the LORD God, the other parts of creation such as cattle and other beasts don’t handle as much as what the serpent handles in their lifetimes. The other important part of the curse is that the LORD God says that there is mutual hatred between the woman’s offspring and the man’s offspring. The woman’s curse in life is pain when childbearing and as such to urge for her husband but the husband to rule over her. Adam’s curse is to toil on the ground and to eat the grasses of the field. And finally, the man was driven out of the Garden of Eden.

So above in that writing is a brief explanation on the garden of eden story. Hope you enjoyed the writing!